Service Dog Bangkok

Service Dog Bangkok

A service dog is a specially trained dog that helps people with disabilities such as visual or hearing impairments, autism, seizure disorders, and mobility issues.

These dogs are rigorously trained to provide assistance with daily tasks and to alert their handlers to potential dangers.

With the help of a service dog, people with disabilities can enjoy a greater level of independence and safety.

We provide comprehensive service dog training to ensure our clients have the best possible experience. We will provide the necessary guidance to help your dog learn the skills they need to provide quality service.

Service Dog Training

Service Dogs are highly trained dogs that help their owners with disabilities to have more independence in daily life. These dogs are granted privileges, such as being allowed in places where pet dogs are not allowed. Therefore, they must behave exceptionally well in public and have a stable temperament. A service Dog must also be task trained. We offer 2 Service Dog Training Programs. The first one is to obtain Public Access Status, the second one focuses on task specific training.

Service Dog Training Bangkok

Service Dog Bangkok

THB  18,000

Public Access

THB  22,000

Task Specific Training

Note: Just by joining our Service Dog Programs does not guarantee certification. Your dog MUST be trained to the required levels in order to pass the test and obtain a trainings certificate. Dogs must either have obtained public access status before joining Service Dog II, or must otherwise enroll in Service Dog I & II.