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Bark Buster


THB 18,000

1 Year Membership

Understand your dog’s needs


Fix the Cause:

Private Training, Behavior Modification, Analysis of your dog’s barking,  Fundamental Obedience,  Behavior Blueprints, KONG, Group Training, Chat Support

Understand What your dog is “saying”!

By joining our Bark Buster Program where Fabia coaches you personally in finding the underlying reason for your dog’s barking. 

Unique, innovative lesson plan

You and your dog will be working on our unique, innovative lesson plan, in which we’ve integrated the latest in canine behavioural and cognitive scientific research. Below, you can find the full list of included exercises and training, but the curriculum is flexible enough to tailor all exercises to your dog’s specific needs. 

Dogs bark. That’s their natural way to communicate, but….

…. sometimes, barking can become a problem or even a nuisance.
In order to stop unwanted barking, most owners are using ways that fail to address long-term behaviors, such as yelling, rewarding bad habits, or inconsistently disciplining.

In order to stop and correct excessive barking, it is important to understand “what your dog is saying” by finding the underlying reason first. Barking could be caused by anxiety, fear, boredom, or other reasons. Once we have the identified the issue, then we can specifically address your dog’s needs and start with teaching your dog different behaviors when they find themselves in those triggering situations.



Our unique Bark Buster Program combines individual one-on-one coaching program that identifies your dog's unique needs and how you can help your dog to stop barking and learn new behaviors, with our valuable Behavior Modification Group Courses so your dog can continuously improve his impulse control under supervision in a controlled setting.

Private Training

3 Private Training Sessions (60 minutes each) at Trail and Tail


Understand why your dog barks

Stop Barking

Stop barking instantly and maintain calmness

Basic Obedience

Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Loose Leash Walking

Engaging Exercises

Bring your dog's attention on you

Behavior Modification

Addressing the underlying reason for your dogs barking, such as sound desensitization.

Behavior Blueprints

Excessive Barking, Fear of People, Fighting Dogs, Hyper Dog, Home Alone, Come -Sit-Down-Stay, Leash Walking


1 Original KONG Classic

Group Training

1 Year Unlimited Access to our Behavior Modification Group Training Courses

Chat Support

1 Year Unlimited Chat Support for all puppy questions​

What do I need to bring? 

  • Tasty, soft, bite sized treats (boiled chicken, sausages, etc)

  • Treat Pouch

  • Place Mat (Door mat)

  • Y-Type Harness

  • Brush and Nail Clippers 

  • Long Leash (3-5 m) – No retractable leashes 

We love teaching people!

We want to help you to understand your dog, and show you how you can communicate with her effectively. All our courses and programs are aiming to train owners about how dogs learn. We are using modern, science-based dog training techniques to shape your puppy’s behavior in what you would like it to be, or to improve your dog’s behavior, if it is inappropriate.


What other dog owners have to say:

"Seasoned dog training professional with personal touch. Positive dog training methodology. Well worth consultation for any dog needs."​
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