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Dog Training Bangkok

Fabia’s Experience:

Fabia started training dogs at the very early age of only 13 years, with her first own dog, a rescued Boxer named Falco. After only 2 years of training, they successfully competed at the National Schutzhund Championship for Junior Handlers.

She then started exploring and competing in different dog sports, and now has a profound knowledge in Obedience, Tracking and Scent Work, Agility, Trick Training and Canine Freestyle. She was part of the Siam Crown Wolfdog research team from 2011-2013, where she studied and compared the behavior and trainability of Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs, to traditional working dog breeds.

Besides studying, training and competing with working dogs, Fabia also has a a lot of experience in training dogs for real life work. She has trained and wrangled dogs on movie sets and for photo shoots, she has trained a Search and Rescue (SAR) Dog Group, has successfully trained Medical Service Dogs to alert their owners to the presence of allergens that could send their owners into anaphylaxis. Two of her personal dogs are working as Therapy Dogs and are visiting children with learning disabilities on a regular basis. 

Internationally Certified Dog Trainer and Behaviorist

Fabia has studied at the famous Karen Pryor Academy and Dunbar Academy, and has obtained a wide variety of International Certifications.

She is a Certified Dog Trainer by the German Government (§ 11 Tierschutzgesetz TierSchG (German Animal Welfare Law)), the most complex and in depth dog trainer certification available worldwide.

She is also an AKC (American Kennel Club) approved Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. She can conduct Obedience and Temperament Tests, as well as Public Access Tests, and award the official AKC Certification.   

Fabia is also a Certified Trick Dog Instructor and Certified Canine Conditioning and Fitness Coach, by Do More with Your Dog (DMWYD). She can assess your dog’s level of training and award official Trick and Fitness Dog Certifications, endorsed by the American (AKC) and Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).

Dog Training Bangkok

AKC CGC Evaluator

Dog Training Bangkok

Certified Fitness and Conditioning

Dog Training Bangkok
Dog Training Bangkok

Paragraph 11 Certified

Dog Training Bangkok

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Dog Training Bangkok
Puppy Training Bangkok
Certified Dog Trainer Thailand
Certified Dog Trainer Thailand

Fabia's Trainings Approach:

Fabia doesn’t just train dogs. She trains people who love them. She has redefined dog training, with classes specially designed to build confidence and success as owners master skills in a simple, step by step process together with their dogs.

Fabia uses positive dog training methods, which can easily be mastered. You will be actively engaged in your dog’s training, working as a team as you learn to communicate more effectively with your dog, not only in the classroom, but also in real life.

Fabia offers small group classes at Trail and Tail, in Agility, Obedience, Puppy & Socialization, Scent Work and Mental Stimulation. Private, one-on-one training scheduled at your convenience is also available.

“Training dogs is a journey we take with our dogs, and the opportunities for training start over every day.”

Dog Training Bangkok

More about Fabia:

Her passion for dogs brought her to Thailand, as she wanted to help the local dog population by volunteering for Soi Dog Rescue, through which and a couple of small, individual organisations, she got heavily involved in rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming Soi Dogs (Thai Strays), and eventually has now 12 dogs of her own (Great Dane, Cane Corso, Malinios, Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, Boston Terrier, Thai Ridgeback, and mixed breeds) permanently living with her. Fabia is an expert in Clicker Training, her most favorite topics are early socialization, puppy foundation training, and mental stimulation.

See how and what Fabia trains, and Subscribe for Free Dog Training Tutorials to her Kani Kraze YouTube Channel!

Training should be Fun!

Challenge yourself and your dog with effective and creative training programs, that are all focused on improving the relationship with your canine companion. 


What other dog owners have to say:

"Seasoned dog training professional with personal touch. Positive dog training methodology. Well worth consultation for any dog needs."​
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