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Socialization is the process of teaching your dog about the world around her and what acceptable behavior is. It also means making sure your dog listens to you when out and about and giving him the confidence to handle any situation without being fearful or aggressive.

Socialization isn’t just taking your dog everywhere, making him do things that scare him, and meeting people who overwhelm him. Socialization must be a thoughtful process that takes his personality, fears, and current level of confidence into account. Socialization should be a fun and continuous process that will allow you and your dog to bond in a manner that is not possible just hanging around the house. 

Dog Training Bangkok
Dog Training Bangkok

Proven, Positive Training Methods.

Fostering Trust and Communication.

Our approach is based on scientifically proven, positive training methods. We want you and your canine companion to enjoy learning, training and socialization. Positive training methods also foster trust and communication between you and your dog, leading to a stronger bond.

Dog Training Bangkok

No Dog is too Naughty! Change Today!


Gain and Maintain Control over your dog in common situations and practice good and calm behavior at the same time.

Walk on loose leash, Sit, Down, Wait, Calming Techniques, Improving Social Skills. 

Duration: 8 weekly sessions (45-60 MIN each) 

Price:  6,000 THB

Puppy Training Bangkok

Self Control, Obedience & Social Skills​


Learn to control your maturing pup in challenging, real life situations, through Positive Trainings Techniques.

Walk on loose leash, Sit, Down, Stay, Calming Down, Come when called, and  Leave it. 

Duration: 8 weekly sessions (45-60 MIN each) 

Price:  6,000 THB

Dog Obedience Bangkok

Real Life Obedience & Socialization Training


Calm your dog down and get her to pay attention to you in real life settings, through Positive Trainings Techniques.

Walk on loose leash, Sit, Down, Stay and Wait, Calming Down, Paying attention, Come when called.

Duration: 8 weekly sessions (45-60 MIN each) 

Price:  6,000 THB

Canine Good Citizen Bangkok

All dogs can be good dogs!


Show that you are a responsible dog owner and be the best you can be–together while practicing for the CGC Test.

Loose leash walking, Sit, Down, Stay, Come when called, Social Skills with people and dogs. 

Duration: 8 weekly sessions (45-60 MIN each) 

Price:  6,000 THB

Dog Training Bangkok

Be an Original! Be Yourself!


You decide what you want to train with your dog and we will tailor all exercises to your individual needs. 

Good Manners, Basic and Advanced Obedience Training, Toilet Training, Trick and Fitness Training. 

Duration: 30-45 MIN

Price:  From 1,600 THB

Dog Behaviorist Bangkok

Old Dogs can learn!


For dogs that are expressing intense behaviors towards other dogs and/or people.

Resource Guarding, Dog-Dog-Aggression, Dog-Human-Aggression, Separation Anxiety,  Toilet Training

Duration: 30-45 MIN

Price:  From 2,300 THB

Why should I Socialize my Dog?

Dogs are very social animals by nature. Thanks to thousands of years of domestication we (humans) have turned them into our most faithful companions. Social time is essential to fulfill your dog’s emotional needs to ensure her well-being.  

Constant companionship isn’t necessary. But a life spent in isolation — such as away in a basement, cooped up in a kennel, or tied up outside all day — isn’t a fulfilling one for dogs. Socializing in a big city can be challenging, but with more and more dog-friendly locations it is very important that your pooch knows how to behave properly in a social setting, so you are confident to take them out with you and also ensure that your pup is enjoying quality time with you. 

Our carefully drafted dog training classes give you and your dog the opportunity to learn and practice social skills and obedience in a safe and structured setting under professional supervision and guidance.  

No previous training is required to join our Socialization and Basic Obedience Classes. 

Privileges for Well Socialized Dogs

A well behaved dog is always welcomed! The first and most important step is proper and consistent socialization. 


Build Confidence

The more varied your dog’s experiences, the better his confidence will be when dealing with new situations.

Better Vet Visits

If your dog is properly socialized with strangers and new places, he is less likely to have an agonizing fear of going to the vet.


You will not have to worry about the path you walk or how many other dogs/strangers/children you see. You can confidently take your dog anywhere for exercise and companionship.

Happy Neighbors

With socialization, you can calm your dog’s overprotective behavior that causes her to bark at anyone approaching or encroaching in her territory.

Dog Training Bangkok

Use it or Loose it!

Dog Training Bangkok

Better Boarding

If you have helped your dog learn that new people and places are not scary, he will settle in the kennel and with the staff with minimum fear and anxiety.


Your dog will be able to enjoy exploring the new surroundings as much as you do.

Mental Stimulation

Taking your dog out to experience new places, scents, people and dogs, their life will be enriched. He will be happier than at home; he will probably sleep better at night; and will live longer.

More Freedom

If your dog feels confident in new settings, you can give her the freedom to explore and socialize and bring her along.

Lead the Change!

Show that your dog can behave well in public and encourage other owners to train their dogs and encourage more places to become dog friendly. 

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