Prices for Group Classes are per dog.

We do not offer any discounts for a second dog from the same owner.

Prices for Private Training are per owner/household.

All payment is to be made when booking a class. Booking will only be confirmed after the full payment has been received. The payment is non-refundable. Partial refunds for missed classes are not given. Please notify us beforehand if you will miss a class to arrange for a possible make up class

Late Entry:

Owners entering their dogs within the 1st 4 weeks of the course will pay the full course fee.

Owners entering their dogs after the 1st 4 weeks of the course, the  course fee is calculated from the date of enrollment.

Refer a Friend Scheme:

When you refer someone to us you are entitled to a 500 THB gift voucher, redeemable against extra classes you wish to take or one to one sessions.

Travel Surcharge:

The distance is determined based on the best route suggested by Google Maps from Trail and Tail to the given location. 

up to 3km

3-6 km

6-10 km

10-15 km

more than 16km

150 THB

300 THB

600 THB

1000 THB

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Cancellation and Postponement Policy

Classes may be postponed due to unforeseeable events, unsafe weather conditions, or in the event that the trainer is too ill to teach.

Whenever a class is cancelled, classes will resume the following week (circumstances permitting) and run for an extra week at the end of the course to make up for the missed session. Owners will be notified by message with as much notice as possible in the event of a postponement.

No refund will be offered in the event of a change in schedule.

No refunds will be given for classes and sessions where the dog fails to attend, including illness, injury, heat, or other unforeseen events or changes in personal circumstances. If owners cannot make it to a class they may be allowed to transfer to another class at the sole discretion of Kani Kraze.

In the case of private sessions, cancellations and re-scheduling within 48 hours before course commencement are non-refundable.

Public Holiday Policy:

Unless otherwise indicated, classes will be held, as per schedule, on public holidays.

Weather Policy :

Classes will be held during light to moderate rain. In the event of extreme weather (storm, rain, wind or extreme heat) it is the trainers’ discretion whether training will continue. The trainer will take into account the dogs’ wellbeing as the utmost priority. We will advise you as soon as possible when a class needs to be rescheduled, and we will work with you to reschedule to an appropriate date.

Handling of Dogs

  • Dogs must be kept on leash at all times when arriving and leaving the premises.
  • All dogs must be kept on leads at all times and be a safe distance away from other dogs unless specifically instructed by the trainer.
  • Do not allow your dog to approach another dog unless directed by the trainer.
  • Flexi/extendable leashes are not permitted in class in order to avoid injury.
  • Any mess left by dogs must be cleaned up straight away by the owner/handler and disposed of in the proper way.

Dog Suitability

Some dogs will not be suited to the class environment and would be better off being trained on their own in a one-on-one session.

If a dog is deemed by the trainer to be unsuitable in a class then the owner will be asked to remove the dog for that session; and potentially the rest of the course. This is for the dog’s safety and for others attending the class. Please discuss any concerns or questions you have about your dog attending a group class before booking, refunds will not be given.

Health and Vaccinations

All dogs attending any training session/class should be suitably protected from the potential diseases and treated for external and internal parasites. Please consult your veterinarian with regards to such issues. It is the owner’s  responsibility to ensure that their dog is appropriately protected against risk of disease.

No dogs are to be brought to classes if they have been in recent contact with another dog infected by a contagious disease or if they appear unwell. We also ask any bitches in heat to not be brought to class. 

If your dog is unwell and cannot attend a class the owner is more than welcome to participate without their dog. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are accepting full responsibility for the protection of your dog from the risk of disease.

Safety Precautions

Whilst in class, all owners/handlers must adhere to any and all safety instructions and directions given to them by the trainer in charge.

Covered Shoes:

All owners/handlers are required to wear covered shoes during our training sessions. This is a workplace health and safety requirement. Owners/handlers wearing inappropriate footwear may be excluded from training for their own safety. In any event, Kani Kraze will not be liable for accident or injury resulting from inappropriate footwear.


We are child friendly and welcome them to attend our training sessions. However, we ask any children under the age of 16 are accompanied by an adult. We reserve the right to ask for disruptive children to not be brought to future classes; and potentially to leave the class if it is affecting the other owners and dogs. No child must approach other dogs without the owner’s permission and with supervision.  We accept no responsibility for children at classes and it is the responsibility of the supervising adult to ensure the children’s safety at all times.

Aggressive Dogs:

Owners must disclose to the trainer any danger or sensitivities their dog may present and any situations that may provoke aggression in their dog. 

Dogs with a bite history towards other dogs or people are required to wear a secure and properly fit basket type muzzle at all times, unless directed otherwise by the trainer.


If any injuries or accidents happen they must be reported to the trainer at the time they occurred.

Acceptance of Risk

Attendance at dog training sessions may pose some risk to yourself, your family members or your dog. By your attendance, you understand and expressly assume the risk of any damage or injury (to yourself, your dog(s) and/or any minors attending a dog training session with you) incurred as a result of a dog training session conducted by or on behalf of Kani Kraze.

Owner agrees to indemnify and hold Kani Kraze harmless from all liability for any loss, damage or injury to persons, animals or property arising from or related to owner’s pet. Owner agrees that Kani Kraze shall not be liable for loss or damage to animal for any reason unless said loss or damage was a direct result of Kani Kraze’s negligence. You also agree to make any person who accompanies you to a session(s), or takes your place, aware that they are also there at their own risk.

Data Protection

Kani Kraze and affiliates will collect information from you for registration and training purposes and be in accordance with the Data Protection Act. None of this information is ever passed on to a third party.

We will also take photos during classes/sessions and use feedback for marketing purposes (website, Facebook, etc), only first names will be used; please let us know if you do not photos or feedback used in this way.


Kani Kraze shall not be liable for any error, omission or misstatement on the website, literature or publications.

Kani Kraze reserves the right to without prior notice to make changes as deemed appropriate in regards to course offerings, curricula, and or other rules and regulations affecting students.

Kani Kraze reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Owners are encouraged to review the terms and conditions on a periodic basis for modifications.


By enrolling in a Kani Kraze Trainings Course, I agree to the terms and conditions above.

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