Mental Stimulation

Everybody knows that dogs need regular physical exercise to be fulfilled and well behaved, to maintain a healthy weight and for overall well-being. But people often forget that mental stimulation is at least equally important. 
Over the last few decades, many studies have demonstrated why mental stimulation is critical no matter the dog’s age. Today, experts universally agree that there’s a strong correlation between the lack of stimulation of different sensory receptors and several mental illnesses in dogs, such as depression or severe anxiety.


More than just Sit and Down

If you want to go beyond basic obedience drills, alleviate boredom and create a lifelong strong bond with your canine companion.

Dog Training Bangkok

Imagination is your only Limit!


This lively course is only limited to your imagination and patience. Tricks are the building blocks for advanced obedience and control.

Off-leash Control, Distance Control, much more than just Sit, Down, and Stay.

Duration: 8 weekly sessions (45-60 MIN each) 

Price:  6,000 THB

Canine Freestyle Bangkok

Dance like nobody is watching!


Challenge yourself and your dog by learning lots of advanced behaviors and incorporating them into a choreographed performance.  

Off-leash Control, heelwork, much more than just Sit, Down, and Stay. 

Duration: 8 weekly sessions (45-60 MIN each) 

Price:  6,000 THB

Dog Training Bangkok

Let’s get your K9-Detective sniffing!


Turn your dog’s favorite activity into a rewarding game that keeps her mentally challenged, active and fulfilled.

Scent Identification, Indication, and Discrimination. Off-leash Control and Control.

Duration: 8 weekly sessions (45-60 MIN each) 

Price:  6,000 THB

Dog Training Bangkok

Round and Round we go!


A great job for your urban herding dog, that will alleviate boredom and help prevent destructive behaviors. 

Off-leash Control, Distance Control, Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, and more.

Duration: 8 weekly sessions (45-60 MIN each) 

Price:  6,000 THB

Canine Fitness Bangkok

It's supposed to be fun!


The perfect challenge for your athletic canine companion, to keep her fit and healthy.

Off-leash Control, Distance Control, Core Strength, Contact Training, Turns, and more.

Duration: 8 weekly sessions (45-60 MIN each) 

Price:  6,000 THB

Dog Training Bangkok

Be an Original! Be Yourself!


You decide what you want to train with your dog and we will tailor all exercises to your individual needs. 

Good Manners, Basic and Advanced Obedience Training, Toilet Training, Trick and Fitness Training. 

Duration: 30-45 MIN

Price:  From 1,600 THB

What are the Benefits of Mental Stimulation?

It’s a Brain Workout

Dog Training Bangkok

Just like a muscles will get weak and atrophy without enough exercise, the brain needs daily stimulation to avoid premature aging.

It’s proven that dogs who aren’t well mentally stimulated throughout their lives are more prone to cognitive dysfunctions as they get older.



Establish Good Habits

Mental stimulation makes dogs more confident, teaches proper behavior, and gives an outlet for extra energy. Your dog will learn healthy habits and how not to engage in destructive behaviors.

Get Rid Of Destructive Behaviors

Lowers Stress

Stress can cause a lot of health problems in humans, and the same applies to dogs. Statistically, dogs who are aren’t getting enough mental stimulation are likely to suffer from stress, which leads to higher rates of anxiety and depression. Consequently, this also shows in the form of higher rates of behavioral issues and physical problems.

Lowers Aggression

Proper mental stimulation will lower your dog’s tendency to be aggressive. Bored dogs are cranky dogs, and cranky dogs are more likely to be aggressive towards people and other animals. Making sure that your dog is getting enough mental stimulation is especially important if you have other pets or kids at home.

Alleviate Boredom

Training is the easiest way to alleviate boredom.

Find Happiness!

Mental stimulation can stave off depression in dogs and keep them happy.

Lessen Hyperactivity

There’s only so many activities dogs can partake in by themselves. If your dog is at home most of the day with nothing to occupy the mind, it’s likely he’ll be bursting with energy. Hyperactivity can sometimes be just a nuisance, until it turns into a more severe problem.

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