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Personal Training


From: THB 2,000

45  min

All of our Group Training Classes are also available in one on one setting.     

Individual Training:

Toilet Training, Good Manners, Basic and Advanced Obedience Training, Trick and Fitness Training.   

Your Personal Dog Training Program

All our Group Classes are also available as Individual Sessions in calm one on one settings.  

This option is a great way if your schedule doesn’t allow you to join the group class, or if the class that you are interested in is not offered in the current term. You can decide what you would like to train with your dog and we will tailor all exercises to your and your dog’s individual needs. 

As you and your dog have Fabia’s undivided attention, this is the quickest and most in depth way to learn a new skill. 

This option is a fantastic way to practice for and earn your Dog’s Trick Dog Title, especially if you are interested in earning the Advanced, Expert, and Champion Level, as well as the AKC Advanced Canine Good Citizen Tests.

Dog Training Bangkok

Internationally Certified dog trainer

Do I need a Personal Trainer?

Can’t make it to class? Is your dog getting too aroused in a group setting, or do you simply prefer individual attention? 

Would you like to work on your dog’s individual skills? 

Are you looking for quick results?

Yes? Then Personal Training can help you achieve your goals. 


Who will benefit from a Personal Dog Trainer?

Any owner and dog that would like to work on a specific skill or task. In a one on one setting, all the attention is on you and your dog, so the training can be precisely tailored to your individual needs. The trainings setting is calm and quiet, which is the best setting to learn, giving you the quickest results possible. 

Any Dog can flourish!

Individual Trainings Sessions are tailored to your and your dog's individual needs and preferences. 


As Individual as your Dog!

Whether you would like your dog to get fitter or you want to train for high level dog sports, we can do it all.  


Dog Training Bangkok

When and where will we train?

All our Training Classes are usually conducted at Trail and Tail.

Sessions can be conducted at your home, but there will be a travel surcharge, depending on your location. 

Please contact us for scheduling and availability. 

Strengthening your Bond

We focus on you and your dog  and create a stroger bond of mutual understanding.   

What to bring?

For the first session, bring the leash and collar you are currently using. If you have used different trainings tools earlier, please bring them as well. We will then see if a change in tools might be beneficial.  

Also bring regular, and very high value treats.  

When can I join?

As with any other Individual Training, you can start any time. 

How much does it cost?

Single Session

3 Sessions Package 

5 Sessions Package 

2,500 THB

7,000 THB

10,000 THB

Each session is between 45-60 min

Do I need a Personal Dog Trainer or a Dog Behaviorist?

 A dog trainer will help you to teach your dog new skills, such as sit, stay, come, or how to walk on a leash without dragging you down the street.

A behaviorist will help you solve behavioral issues like fear, aggression, out-of-control barking, destructive chewing, biting, and separation anxiety.  A dog behaviorist will help you understand and modify, or totally change these behaviors. After conducting a thorough interview and observing your dog, the behaviorist will work out a strategy to change your dog’s behavior. 

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