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THB 6,000

8 weekly sessions (45-60 min each)

A great job for your urban herding dog, that will alleviate boredom and help prevent destructive behaviors.   

Mental Stimulation:

Off-leash Control, Distance Control, Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, and more.   

Dog Lunging

Dog Lunging is  relatively new dog sport that has been adopted from the popular lunge work with horses. Same as horses, the dog will be taught to run in a wide circle, around the handler, where he has to perform specific exercises.

This 8 weeks course provides a structured learning opportunity in a safe setting, to help you learn concepts of off-leash and distance control, and how to train  for reliable off-leash behaviors, and above all: Have Fun with your Dog!

Lunging challenges the dog both mentally and physically on a regular basis. It also satisfies the needs of high-energy dogs and builds confidence in shy dogs, and it’s also a great way to socialize with other dogs and owners.

Dog Training Bangkok

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Is Lunging the right activity for me and my dog?

Is your dog constantly on the move and/or loves running and playing with you? Your dog might be trying to tell you that she is bored and is looking for a purpose. 

Are you looking for creative and fun ways to keep your furry companion happy and balanced?

Yes? Then both of you will enjoy this new dog sport. 


Who can join Dog Lunging?

Lunging is suitable for all physically healthy dogs that are looking for a productive way to make use of their energy. From very energetic pups, to shy ones, any dog can do it.

Dogs must be under control, be able to train under distraction, and know to sit and down on command.

Motivation by food or toy is required.

Minimum number of Dogs: 3

Fulfill Your Dog by Giving her a Job!

Your dog loves working with you. Lunging fulfills your dog's desire to do something "real" with his most favorite person!


Modern City Dog, Workingdog by Heart.

Our dogs have evolved over centuries. Most breeds have a strong working history and want to be more than only a companion.

Dog Training Bangkok

What to expect from this course?

Lunging is great fun for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

This course is suitable for all dogs from 12 month onwards. Lunging is a relatively new and challenging dog sport  and fun activity offered for dog owners. It is a modern dog sport that combines obedience training, tricks, rally, endurance, and teamwork, that allows for creative interaction between dogs and their owners.

You will learn how to control your dog without a leash, even if she is in a high state of arousal. 

Strengthening your Bond

We focus on exercises that will improve communication and the bond  between you and your dog, whether you decide to compete or just want to get a reliable re-call in the park.  

What to bring?

When can I join?

Lunging is a Continuous Course, this means you can join at any point of time to get started and constantly continue challenging you and your dog with new routines and exercises. 

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What other dog owners have to say:

"Seasoned dog training professional with personal touch. Positive dog training methodology. Well worth consultation for any dog needs."​
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