Real Life Obedience

Life Skills


THB 6,000

8 weekly sessions (45-60 min each)

Learn how to calm your dog down and get her to pay attention to you in real life settings, through Positive Trainings Techniques.


Basic Obedience:

Calming Down, Paying attention, Sit, Down, Stay and Wait, Come when called, walk on a loose leash.

Basic Obedience Training for all Dogs

This 8 weeks course provides a structured learning opportunity in a safe setting, to help you learn how to ensure your dog listens to you in real life situations, and how to provide leadership to your dog through the use of positive trainings techniques of practice, repetition, and consistency. This course further enables you to develop your training skills, improve what you have learned and introduce new skills which are both useful and enjoyable for you and your dog.

This course is a great way to practice for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test, which will be offered at the end of each term.

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Does my Dog need Basic Obedience Training?


All dogs can be good dogs and all dogs need training! The sooner you start, the better as it gives you the chance to prevent unwanted behaviors. 

But, it’s never too late to “teach an old dog new tricks!” If your dog is pulling on leash, hyper when around other dogs and basically ignores you when out and about, this course will turn his behavior around, so that you can enjoy taking him outside.  


Who can join Life Skills?

This course is ideal for adolescent dogs to further practice and improve their social skills around other dogs and people, and practice basic obedience exercises at the same time. 

No previous training is required! Motivation by food is beneficial.

It is a great course for new dog owners to learn basic obedience training. We also welcome maids and drivers to that class, so that they can  learn how to properly handle your dog. At home and in public.

Minimum number of Dogs: 4

What will we learn in Life Skills?

Calm Down

Being out is exciting, but there is no need to vocalize (=bark) at everything.

Pay Attention

Hello!?!? It's me, your mom (dad) talking to you! You also should listen to me if I don't have any treats with me.


Lay down calmly and wait until it is your turn.


Wait calmly by my side while I am doing something.

Come when called

No matter what's going on in the park. When I call you, you should come immediately.

No Pulling

You will get to sniff and explore, but I like for my shoulder to stay in it's socket.

Sit & Down

Sit is the most commonly taught and reinforced behavior! Down is slightly behind.

To my Pup:

I really enjoy spending time with you! I love taking you places, too. But there are a few fundamental rules that we need to set, so we can safely enjoy our quality time together.

Dog Obedience Bangkok

What to expect from this course?

Life Skills, is suitable for all dogs from 5 month onwards. This relationship building course is all about practicing obedient and polite behaviors in real life situations, as well as proper social interactions with other people and dogs.

This course is designed to improve your dog’s focus and reliability under increasingly difficult distractions, and to help keep your growing pup well socialized, improve obedience skills and maintain your sense of humour during the trials and tribulations of doggie adolescence.

***Reactive dogs must wear a properly fit, basket type muzzle at all times***

We are practicing a mix of obedience exercises to improve focus and to maintain a calm and balanced state of mind around other dogs and people.

You will practice and improve the basics such as sit, down, recall, heeling with your dog on a loose leash around other dogs and people, as well as more advanced skills such as focus, and a solid stay and settling skills.

Tricks and Training Games will also be introduced to help improve your training skills and keep things interactive and fun.

Real Life, Reliable Obedience

Learn all the important basic obedience exercises and practice them in controlled and safe, real life settings.  

What to bring?

When can I join?

Life Skills is a Continuous Course, this means you can join at any point of time and practice as long as you and your dog need to feel confident in mastering the exercises of this class.

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What other dog owners have to say:

"Seasoned dog training professional with personal touch. Positive dog training methodology. Well worth consultation for any dog needs."​
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