Puppy Biting


THB 12,000

1 Month

Stop Painful Puppy Biting 


All Inclusive:

Private Training,  Learning Theories, Stop Biting, Redirecting, Behavior Blueprints,  E-Book, KONG, Chat Support

Practice Bite Inhibition

Biting is a normal behavior for puppies, but they must learn to not bite humans and how to regulate their bite force. They also need to learn what is an appropriate chew toy and what not.


Our hands on Puppy Biting Program gives you the tools to instantly stop puppy biting, teaches your puppy how to be gentle and what an appropriate chew toy is.

Private Training

3 Private Training Sessions (45 minutes each) at Trail and Tail​

Learning Theories

Understand Puppy Biting

Stop Biting

Best techniques to instantly stop your puppy biting you


Stop your puppy biting you, but rather chew on toys

Behavior Blueprints

Puppy Training, Destructive Chewing, Puppy Biting,

E - Book

Dr. Ian Dunbar's "After you get your puppy" e-book


1 Original KONG Classic

Chat Support

4 weeks for all Puppy Biting related questions

Puppy Biting is normal, but it must not hurt! 

What do I need to bring? 

Tasty, soft, bite sized treats (boiled chicken, sausages, etc)

Treat Pouch

Y-Type Harness

Soft, long tug toys 

We love teaching people!

We want to help you to understand your dog, and show you how you can communicate with her effectively. All our courses and programs are aiming to train owners about how dogs learn. We are using modern, science-based dog training techniques to shape your puppy’s behavior in what you would like it to be, or to improve your dog’s behavior, if it is inappropriate.

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