Dance like nobody is watching!



THB 6,000

8 weekly sessions (45-60 min each)

Challenge yourself and your dog by learning lots of advanced behaviors and incorporating them into a choreographed performance.   

Mental Stimulation:

Off-leash Control, heelwork, much more than just Sit, Down, and Stay.   

K9 Freestyle - Advanced Obedience Training

Freestyle is a choreographed performance organized, if you like with music, illustrating the training and joyful relationship of you and your dog as a team, making it a lifelong activity with endless possibilities for fun and learning.

This 8 weeks course provides a structured learning opportunity to help you learn concepts and movements, how to train the building-block behaviors of routines and how to put it all together with your canine partner, and above all: Have Fun with your Dog!

Freestyle challenges your dog both mentally and physically on a regular basis, and can easily practiced at home, as no equipment is needed. It also satisfies the needs of high-energy dogs and builds confidence in shy dogs. This course is also a great way to socialize with other dogs and owners.

This course is a fantastic way to practice for and earn your Dog’s Trick Dog Title. Testing is available during all Freestyle Classes.

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Is Freestyle the right activity for me and my dog?

Are you looking for creative and fun ways to keep your furry companion happy and balanced? Are you looking for ways to spend quality time with your pup inside on limited space? 

Your dog loves learning new things and is bored by “regular” obedience training? Is your dog shy and you would like to boost her self-esteem? 

Yes? Then both of you will enjoy K9 Freestyle Training. 


Who can join K9 Freestyle?

Freestyle has no limits. It is suitable for all dogs that are looking for a productive way to make use of their physical and mental energy. From very energetic pups, to shy ones, any dog can do it.

Dogs must be under control, be able to train under distraction, and know how to walk on a loose leash, sit, and down. Motivation by food is required.

Minimum number of Dogs: 4

K9 Freestyle Facts

Canine Freestyle Bangkok

Whether you decide to compete in Canine Freestyle or Heelwork with Music at the highest level or just for fun, this class is one of the most challenging and fun activities available for dog owners.  


Shauna's Favorite Class!

Team up with your Dog!

We focus on the skills that will build a team between you and your dog. This will build up trust and create an even stronger bond.

All in One!

This modern dog sport combines obedience, tricks, rally, endurance, teamwork, and music tricks, and it allows for the most creative interaction you and your dog.

Creative Canine-Focused Moves

The emphasis is always on your dog, with your movements used to enhance your dog, seeing both of you as equal partners. 

Add some Beats!

Choosing music to complement the natural gait, movements, and characteristics of your dog is optional. 

Showcase your Dog's Movements

We are showcasing your dog and his movement. No large handler movements or handler dancing, or costumes, or props (unless you want to do so)! The emphasis is always on your dog, with your movements used to enhance your dog, seeing both of you as equal partners. 

What makes Freestyle such a Far-Reaching Activity?

Develop your Patience

Have you ever felt frustrated or lost your patience with your dog? - we probably all have. Training your dog to do tricks helps you to let go of your expectations and you can just enjoy “living in the moment”. When you don’t expect instant results, it’s much easier to break down your training goal into a progression of small steps. This will make it much easier for your dog to succeed, and your bond will grow.

Exercise Mind & Body

When training your dog, it’s easy to get focused on obedience – heel, sit, stay, down, etc. – and just drill it into your dog day after day, session after session. What if, when you were young, your parents decided to just teach you five words? They kept you isolated, and those were the only five words you ever learned. Break yourself free from your routine and have fun teaching your dog a new tricks, and become more successful in communicating with your canine partner.

Make your dog smarter

Learning something new is incredibly powerful for boosting confidence. Many shy dogs learn to enjoy going to new spaces and become excited to explore them rather than being terrified. Often tricks can help bridge the gap of understanding between human and dog. We are both complex creatures and low-stress learning can really help us figure out how to read each other. It's also a wonderful way to build a bond with your dog. Dogs can quickly learn to trust you when they are heavily reinforced for activities.

Canine Freestyle Bangkok

BuILD FOCUS & Reliability

Focusing on a single task and solving problems is very rewarding, but also exhausting. Paired with the soothing effects of sniffing, Scent Work is the most powerful activity to tire out a hyperactive dog. Your dog will learn to work with distractions. Group classes present your dog with many distractions, but if you consistently reward him for watching you and listening to you, soon your dog will pay much less attention to extraneous stimuli in any setting when you ask him to focus. This ability, will come in handy when out and about; it even increases your dog’s safety while he is walking with you near busy streets or crowded areas.

What to expect from this course?

Freestyle is the most challenging and fun activity for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

This course is suitable for all dogs from 5 month onwards. Freestyle is a modern dog sport that combines obedience, tricks, rally, endurance, teamwork, and music tricks. You will learn to turn technical obedience movements into creative and artistic canine-focused movements, and create a presentation that showcases the best attributes of your dog, and the relationship between you and your dog, by practicing a choreographed routine and the included tricks.

Strengthening your Bond

We focus on exercises that will improve communication and the bond  between you and your dog. Whether you decide to compete in Canine Freestyle or Heelwork with Music at the highest level or just for fun. 

What to bring?

When can I join?

Freestyle is a Continuous Course, this means you can join at any point of time to get started and constantly continue challenging you and your dog with new routines, as there are no limitations to how you move. However, joining a group at a later point of time, might not give you enough time to practice the entire routine.

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